Monday, January 5, 2009 and death by post it note...

She was tired. She worked for a non profit trying to save the world.

Her days faded to nights and most the time she only remembered her head hitting the pillow.

She woke with a hangover, head pounding. It had become a habit to buy a bottle of gin on her bus ride back. After her divorce and her ex was awarded full custody, she had nothing but her Tanqueray and tonic, and her cat. She would drown herself in gin to forget the problems of her clients.

"Your daughter called, you missed her birthday party last night." Her co worker yelled at her.

She forgot? How could she? She went to her office and looked at her desk. there was post it notes layered and piled everywhere. She knew she wrote it on a pink one, she began peeling off the layers of post it notes.

Doctor's appointments, clients appointments, vet appointments, reminders to buy this, pick up that.....until under a note about an appt. at court, she found it. Her baby girls birthday party reminder.

She looked at her post its, layered everywhere. In those layers was a life she didn't live. A life that slipped through her fingers by post it note.

Little reminders that faded from time....