Saturday, April 2, 2011


So I heard about this on the inside, how facebook blew up?


I don't even know how to use this muhfugga!

So anyways, here is my muthafuggin update

I am currently in a HH until May 5th

I have a half job I had another one but the little goddeesses at the HH ix-nayed one so I am still hittin the bricks as they say

I have seen my beautiful daughter but not my bad ass boys yet

I get up every day still counting down and go to bed at night marking X's

I still love the fuck out of the Yankees

I am still writing

I wrote a fiction novel in county which will be published hopefully this year

We're (my family and I) are going to go with self publishing because well I don't want to deal with the word no lol (Do people still say lol? Miss T said they do but I think she just don't want to like made me feel bad)

I have some other books in the works, another fiction and one sort of memior slash affirmation slash poetry slash my sons viewpoints those will also be published soon.

I discovered while I was in there that my two oldest boys are writers

Awesome writers and through them I have to courage to do this sobriety thing

If they can do it while in high school on a reservation I know I can.

They are my heroes

Mind you they are not saints

they still fart, stink, and all that

but they are bad ass

I can't always get on here but I try to at least once a week

I guess what i want to say for anyone who asked if I am going to apologize or whatever

I just want to say

I did my time

and one thing I learned time is precious

I will not go around saying sorry.....sorry...sorry

i am making amends as I can and if I disappointed anyone

I'm sorry about that

that's about all you will get...if you want more you have to pay for the bitch....ha...just teasing...anyways

because I did my time, prison probably saved my life and I don't have any more time to be sorry all my life I have things to do

(Like see a Yankees game)

And I want people to know one thing prison is not a country club

mind you it's not like shawshank but it's not anyplace where people are just chillin' and getting fat

everything you love is taken from you, and you are put somewhere you don't want to be

with other people who don't want to be there

nothing is in your control and nothing about it screams country club

I left alot of cool ass sisters in there and I pray for them everyday

Really I am just happy to be out and breathe and see the traffic and birds and squirrels and billboards

I'll be on more after May 5th

(Well we have little stupid prison squirrels in there who didn't know they were inmates, stup[id squirrels, the one that lived by our window was named know how they say it on Young Guns.)

Anyways I missed the fuck out of you guys....

Go Yanks!!

Oh yeah thanks to whoever wrote me and kept in touch