Wednesday, September 17, 2008

You're turning into your mother

Didn't you used to hate it when people would say that?

I used to think, I will never turn into my mom.
My mom thinks I act like my auntie.

I think I am a combination of everyone that had a hand in raising me.

Here are some things I get from my mom that I thought I never would.

I have her sense of a way out. No matter how hard life seems. I know, there is a way out of any situation and I am smart enough to know this.

News Junkie-I have to hear news all the time while I bead or whatever. I have to listen to it at night when I sleep.

Creamer-I always would drink my coffee black. My mom always used a ton of cream. Then she discovered International Delights Southern Butter Pecan. I hated it. It used to make me gag. The other day I sent for a big bottle of it (it is sold out of town) now I drink it like my mom.

Trail mix-I never cared for it. Always picked out what I wanted of my mom's. Except for the kind she made herself with peanut butter and honey, it was the BEST. The other day I bought some out of lonlieness.

My auntie
I have her nose and her laugh

My dad
I have his walk and his wicked sense of humor.

My grandpa
I have his love of cooking and jazz and blues.

My grandma
I have her wit, charm, impatience and ability to "just know." I also have her love of baseball and football.

Everyone shaped me to who I am. No matter how small they contributed to making me who I am, they made me.

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Goose Creek Indian Reserve said...

Anyone who says yesterday doesnt matter is way wrong. Its all the yesterdays that make you who you are today! Gotta go....gettin too heavy. Jim.