Friday, October 17, 2008

You know how this tribe is

Bitch, whine, complain, and moan.

I hear it everyday. Every corner I turn in the grocery store, in line at the grocery store, or where ever people congregate to talk. I hear the same phrase over and over. When they complain of nepotism, or incentives, or conferences in Vegas.

"You know how this tribe is."

Huh-huh. As if it was some other skin's tribe. But I admit, I am guilty of that too. I say it all the time.

"You know how this tribe is."

We say it as if it is a finale. As if it is The End. As if there is no hope for things getting better and all there is left is "You know how this tribe is."

Kind of like this country we live in. It was always the same make and model running for president of this land. Like a cookie mold. Until people came out in record numbers and voted because they actually believed they could make a difference and change this year.

As a tribe we are also capable of making a difference for ourselves. I am not saying who should vote for who, but at least vote for our leaders. Let your voice be heard.

Then maybe instead of all of us saying "You know how this tribe is." We could say "This is how my tribe is."

Please remember to vote, make that difference for your reservation, your tribe, your people.

Dang, after typing that one, I should throw my hat in the ring. Josh, I don't even have a hat.


Anonymous said...

Glad ur back

Last Minute Lyn said...

I'd vote for you

Leigh Russell said...

You get my vote any day, if only for the title of your blog.

Check mine out, when you have time. Exciting developments!

terror said...

Yeah your back!!!

You should run!!