Saturday, February 28, 2009

Now....I love penguins

See that pic of my daughter with my siblings. See my evil little sister in the middle. That penguin hater! Who likes taking pics with her broom because she's a little witch...anyway.

I can say that because I am older, smarter and more brilliant..and quite simply a bad ass...well anyway she hates penguins. I don't know why! I am obsessed with why anyone would hate any of God's little precious creatures but to hate penguins is just pure evil. They have hard lives, I watched MArch of the Penguins, Happy Feet...why oh why hate them???

So I been on messenger with her and sending her penguin factoids. I never been one of those chicks that was all weird and obsessed with dolphins or turtles or something but just because of her I THINK I NOW LOVE PENGUINS.

Did you know penguins don't jump...they bounce?

Amazing...I want a penguin.


josie2shoes said...

I loved this... too funny! Dana Dane Penguin Champion! :-)

Dana Dane said...


Dana Dane said...


Goose Creek Indian Reserve said...

Penguins are KOOL!!!!

Dana Dane said...

My middle son is so cool his name is jalen he has big muscles and is so smart and all my other sons suk

Dana Dane said...

thats what happens when you stay logged in