Thursday, April 22, 2010

April 16th

On April 16th at 4AM, I heard the call I was waiting for, "Lonehill, get ready! Marshalls are coming to get you." I was hauled downstairs with two others and we rode across the state with seven other guys. We were shackled for the whole ride. OMG I cannot explain how humiliating it is to stop midway, via the ride and go into a convenience store shackled to pee. People look at me like I'm Dahmer, but
hey, I had to pee.

That's what I have to face, I'm a criminal now. I gave up hope of the F.B.I. going after the people who received or took the moolah long ago. I resigned to the fact that I was going down like a drunk cheerleader for this. And I did. I just gave up. I didn't fight it when my lawyer suggested I take it to trial. I didn't want to put my time and freedom in the hands of twelve South Dakotan jurors who clearly wouldn't be my peers. Plus I knew there would be local media coverage at the same time my sons were at the prime of their high school sports season. So I gave up the fight before I started and pleaded.

Battey (the judge) hung me, but I'm alright. This is the slap in the face I needed. I lost 32lbs so far (woot!) I will be well brand-used lol. No I will be brand new when I get out. Single, sober and hopefully successfully published. I made the choice to keep writing because this is the only vice I have to get me through it.

I told my son tonight i will be sober when I get out but I will still smoke my menthol's. He was all like "You don't smoke." So I said "Oh yeah, but I will." He said "why?" I said "When people quit drinking they join AA and smoke." Anyway, I'm now in Sioux Falls, SD. I don't know when I will be flying to Oklahoma but it will be soon so I will post an address then. From now on I can't receive stamps. Thanks everyone who wrote. I love you guys. I'll keep writing and let you know how it is on the inside, writing with bruised wrists.


Lauri said...

Dana - sorry to hear of your troubles. My thoughts are with you.

Goose Creek Indian Reserve said...

I kept checking back day after day and I never saw anything new.At that point I knew it had gone bad for you. Then the post about what had happened with the Rapid City jail,address....

Im glad to see you writing again even if its from the maza tipi. This post tells it all and your attitude and sense of self worth is good to see. Im looking forward to reading all your talent that you choose to put on here and later in print when you DO become a published author.

Much love and prayers to you, Dana. ZintcalaTeca.