Wednesday, September 5, 2007

This is the day...

September 5th, 1877, that Chief Crazy Horse was murdered at Fort Robinson, Nebraska.

I went to the site where they killed him when the Brits were here. I was disappointed. Really...I don't know why.

I guess because when you go into this land...about an hour out. There is a big, huge sign that says Land Of Crazy Horse...Chief of the Oglala Sioux...and they advertise on this billboard, a fur museum, the state park and Fort Robinson park. Then you get there and there are ho downs, chuck wagon suppers,and kayaking, and little cabins for corny ass families to rent and feel like they live in the old west. Then there is an old general store with penny candy, tobacco in pouches, lemonade and everything else there is to make the Smith's, the Roger's, and the Hockenbock's feel like they are real pioneers.

So that is why I was disappointed. I just tried to imagine if anywhere else in America, where someone that was such a great leader to their people, had been murdered...if it was a tourist trap...anywhere else. I don't know.

Then there are reconstructed barracks of the actual soldiers and the reconstructed jail where they kept the hostile Indians who really were not hostile. Ok, they were, but they were fighting for their land. They wanted to live in the days where they were rich in natural resources and were free to roam and speak their language. They were fighting for a life they loved.

Crazy Horse was one of them. Crazy Horse fought for this way of life until he was killed and stabbed in the back.

This is why he is iconic to us. This is why we don't forget him. He is our hero.

So in a way I was disappointed when I seen the pile of rocks with the plaque on the middle of the hoopla that depicted the spot he died. I offered tobacco to this spot. I am thankful he is not buried there and nobody can make money on his grave.. I am thankful nobody know where his final resting spot is. I am thankful to be of his people.

Like he said..."When you see the Black Hills remember me. "

Well I can't see the Black Hills from the reservation that he fought to keep us off of, but on this day of his death I will remember our great leader.


Anonymous said...

Do you truly understand what being Lakota is? Ask yourself that question, honestly? And YES I do know what being a Real Oglala Lakota is..I'm A FULL BLOOD.

Dana Dane said...

why don't you enlighten me as to what being a Lakota is? How can you be so condescending and yet not post your name? Why do you come here to read my blog if you only want to put me down...are you that unhappy with your life? I know one thing about being is not to acy=t the way you do? What about this blog pisses you off so much? Does being a full blood make you any more Lakota than me just because you are full blood I think not.