Friday, October 5, 2007

I AM Lakota

I am Lakota.

That is who I am.

I was asked if I even knew what it meant to be Lakota, since I am only half and not a full blood.

Lakota is in my blood. Being Lakota has given me the pride and spirit I have been searching for all my life. I can finally say I am Lakota and Proud.

I admit, it is a hard life but only if you concentrate on the negative and I try not to.

I don't think that just because the government can keep track of how much blood of mine is actually Lakota with registered paperwork and by stamping a number on me can define exactly how much Lakota I am. For even though, I have French blood and Filipino blood in my veins, I am Lakota. I was born and raised Lakota. I was taught the Lakota ways...ways that I wished in my youth I hadn't been so hasty and stubborn to push away.

Being Lakota means to be brave, disciplined, and courageous while living humbly and low to the ground.

Bring Lakota is to be patient and tolerant, respectful and compassionate. You must live your life with understanding of others and be generous.

Lakota's accept each other, they don't want and wish for each other to fall or fail.

There are seven sacred laws of the Lakota Way of Life and this is how we live. In these ways that our ours there is no room for greed, or dis-respect. I don't think that my blood quantum can show you how much Lakota I really am.

For it is in my heart, in my soul, in my spirit and I live my life being Lakota every single day.

And it is a beautiful life.

(This is in response to some criticism questioning how much Lakota I really am.)


Missy A said...

I was born in Yorkshire 34 years ago but that doesn't make me any less Australian, doesn't make me any less French either as my distant ancestors where French. I'm not a better writer because I'm related to Percy Bryce Shelly either but it doesn't mean I'm any less proud of the fact that I am.
Blood is blood, I get offended when someone calls me a convict descendant because I'm not.
Neither are you any less Lakota in fact you are MORE Lakota than a full blood brought up without the "ways"

Alissa said...

I can't believe someone would imply that you are less lakota because of your blood status!?! That seems to be someone who obviously feels threatened by you in some way, and feels some sort of need to shut you down, but clearly you know who you are. Don't let them fuck with your head. I'm sure this is entertainment to them, because if they had a real cause, a real point, a purpose of some sort, they would not be making personal attacks at you, but be having a conversation, a discussion about whatever their views are in regards to what it is you are writing that has them so addicted, yet upset with you. The way they were commenting, they're just trying to pick at you, and you are better than that. You are better than them...

JohnB said...

I liked this post Dana...glad you returned.

Josie Two Shoes said...

I am so glad to discover that you are back and writing again as you should be!