Sunday, October 7, 2007

did you ever give thanks for everything that seems like nothing

It was raining so hard after dinner. You could hear the rain through all the other hoopla going on.

I made blackened pork chop chili and the whole house smelled like chili.

I put this song on the computer and turned it up.

I grabbed my cat Mischa, lay on the couch and held him while he purred.

Now I could hear college football, kids running and screaming, Mischa purring, Tupelo Honey be Van Morrison, and the rain along with soft thunder.

I closed my eyes and said a silent prayer to give thanks for everything in life that I have right at that moment.

I am blessed.


Daisy said...

I know exactly what you mean...

And btw, Mischa is a great name for a pet! I had a dog named Mischa!

Missy A said...

Yes you are!