Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Life I live

I sure and a hell hope that my editor took this blogsite off of my bio info. I don't mind people reading me or criticism even but I don't like people saying I am not who I am. If anything I am not fake.
I have no reason to be fake. If I was going to be fake, i would pretend to be a broke mofo.
I was walking with my kids the other day, been trying to do that more to lose weight. Walking gives you so much time to think.
so while walking i was thinking about my life.
My kids were walking with me and I thought about how this isn't even about me.
i mean, sure this is my life and I am here. I need to be happy, but this life i live is about the lives i gave. I have 4 children I need to make happy as long as they are under my care and one day they will grow to be adults.
As long as my kids grow up to be good people, i know I will have done my job.
So here I am starting to walk and trying to be healthy for them. This life i live is for my children. God I hope I never lose that perspective again.


Alissa said...

I know exactly what you mean. I had to come to some of my own realizations like that to start really living for my kids which has included a healthier life style. I'm enjoying them so much more now. I can run and play, and I have the energy to keep up.

Josie Two Shoes said...

You are right, Dana, it is all about the children we give life to, and what kind of lives we are helping them create for themselves.