Thursday, October 18, 2007

"Where did I get all you drama queens from, anyway?"

Ok I don't know why I was crying around over my "spunk for blogging" and wondering where the hell it is. All I have to do to find it is look to my family.
I don't even have to go back in the memory bank too far, it was less than a year ago.
About a day or two after my step dad passed, I was at my mom's helping her cook and clean since people were stopping by. I hadn't much sleep, as did anyone else.
We were basically like walking zombies.
So my mom wanted me to make something with know the instant biscuits. That come in the paper can. Well, if you have been following me for awhile you would know that I am scared of POPS and other loud noises. And these certain types of biscuits in a can make a loud noise when you open them.
For some reason there are no pics of the biscuits in a can, just that little, giggly bitch up there, who I bet watches from some dark corner with a sinister grin and giggles when the POP surprises someone.
Anyway, I tell my sister Jaida to open the can...she starts slowly to pull the paper. I plug my ears, yet can't take my eyes off the soon to be explosion. Jaida then hands it off to Jenna, now mind you Jaida is an Amazon and then 18. Jenna is an Amazon in the making and at the time 13. Jenna throws it to Jonna and says, "You wanted biscuits, now open it!" Jonna grabs the paper and pulls. Nothing happens.
So while us 3 older sisters are are scrambling around telling our baby 11 year old sister to use a spoon, Jenna runs and grabs a spoon. Jaida and I have our ears plugged at this time and Jenna runs out of the room.
Jonna finally notices we are watching and waiting for something as she digs in the crack of the can with the spoon....she must have let a little air in. She looks at us with her huge Liz Taylor eyes and says "What's going on?"
It was then Jaida and I notice the can getting bigger by the second and Jaida screams "JONNA>>>NOOO!" Jonna throws the can to Jesse, who was 21 and just happened to be walking by.
He is totally caught off guard as the rest of us watch the can grow with our ears plugged. "Huh." he proclaims as he watches us and walks like a toy soldier with his legs straight and the ticking time bomb held out from his body.


It explodes in his hand and he slowly marches in a circle and falls over.
All us girls laugh so hard at him.
He gets up and hands me the can and dusts himself off.
I make the biscuits and my mom is hollering at me from her room.
When I recount every detail of our drama to her, she just says "Christ, where did I get all you drama queens from, anyway?"
We all know we got it from her, but on that day...I think we needed that laughter...would have been nice if it was sans the POP.


BabyGirl said...

I used to do that to the kids...i love that pop never fails i get a good dam laugh out of them jumping everytime it happens...

The Black Hornet said...

I don't remember that thing popping open that much. This is the poppin fresh dough thining in the dairy section of the food store, right?

Donnak said...

LOL that is too funny.

Dana Dane said...

Yoiu would be right in both cases Lionel, it doesn't pop all that much and it is found in the dairy section. I think it is more the element of surprise.

Missy A said...

those things pop??

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to pop over and tell you that the directions worked. I am a February 72 baby also. Mine is on the 20th when is yours? I thought I got a hint of that pisces spirit in your posts. lol

Dana Dane said...

Imma leap year baby

Miss Teaque said...

ROFL!! i have NEVER seen this!! NEVER!! sometimes i just HATE being greek!!!

(then i think about Aris -my fav team- and i think "noway could i ever be anything else!!")


Keala said...


i love it. funny