Friday, October 26, 2007

Coming Clean Challenge

Because I am cross posting this on Blogger, I have to explain myself. I am on Multiply now, if you have an account there you may add me danadane1. Yahoo 360 sucks and is shutting down on us old folks for the "younger" crowd. Anyway, I love the features on Multiply, I can post once a day and cross it to my blogspot...for the readers over here and there.

So even though I have the import blogs from 360 feature, I have chosen to just post some of my favorites from 360 one at a time, or until my old blog implodes. This one was a challenge from a guy named Scooter called The Coming Clean Challenge and if anyone wants to take the challenge feel free to. If you feel the need to come clean about something, please do. Cleanse yourself and blog it.

So last night after sitting in front of MTV...of course after Survivor, well I realized this blog deserved a re-post. It was something I was so happy to see on MTV last night and I will come clean about it...again. Sorry to anyone who may have read this...that you have to read it again.

Coming Clean

(originally posted April 21, 2006)

I guess it all started the year I was a 6th grader. I am not sure how it started, just 5 minutes at a time on Saturday mornings. In between the Cookie Crisp cereal and Rubik the Magic Cube cartoons. Then I started to get up earlier because I noticed if I was up early enough I could get my fix maybe up to 4 times on a Saturday morning. The sad thing was it only happened on Saturday, and I had this strange need for it until the summer after 7th grade. Soon my taste in music changed, my bedroom, was totally unrecognizable. I spent so much babysitting money on this need. *deep breath* Yes I was addicted...*another deep breath*

I Had Menudo Fever!

menud Uh no,... not that kind of Menudo....

....This kind of Menudo

I was a freak, I belonged to a fan club. I wrote to them, my room was wallpapered. I had pins, shirt, lord knows how I found all that way out in the Middle of Nowhere. The guy in the back on the right was my favorite. I swore I was going to MARRY him. Here's a better pic of ( Like I have to justify this, I am coming clean here.)


There he is in the back again. Ray Reyes, baby face and green eyes, I was so whipped. And look at cute lil Ricky Martin in front. I used to watch them every Saturday morning and I think they was on Bandstand once. I had all their cassettes, even the Spanish ones, which I knew the words, but all I can do is count to 10 in Spanish and say water and closed. (Basic Sesame Street Spanish Education.) I never once thought that they dressed funny.

lol The sequins, glitter, and loud colors were cool to me. One year after I became a Menudo freak...Ray was forced to retire because he was too tall. They had odd rules. You can't be too tall, no pimples, no facial hair, and if your voice changes, your outta there. They were more strict than George Steinbrenner is with the Yankees on looks. So thats when it all died down and I moved onto other music. I never was a boy band fan again. *sigh* Had I known a year later this album came out, who knows...hmmm

All Photos are from Yahoo Image Search
So as you can guess, I was watching Making Menudo last night. Now instead of looking at these guys and thinking, I could marry them. (because that is illegal) I look at them and think...THAT COULD BE MY SON! Of course I told my boys that and they laughed and told me I was coo coo for cocoa puffs. Well they didn't, but I know they thought it when they shook their heads and shut the door on me. I just might be the new and oldest Menudo fan when they figure out who is going to be in the group. Now c'mon...come clean about...SOMETHING! Don't leave me hanging like this.

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I remember them! You on multiply? I must add you Dana.