Friday, October 19, 2007

Football comes to an end.


they lost...those bad ass boys of mine with their friends.
They did their best.

The final score in the championship game was 38 to 14.

Next year 16 of them are entering high school at the same school, so expect some badd ass football blogs about the JV team.

I won't blame the coach or the refs.

BUT...If I was the coach I would NOT run the ball in the 4th when I was down by 14.

I know that much.


Missy A said...

they might have lost but they look fantastic in the uniforms

don't tell em my first reaction was "oh aren't they CUTE!!" tho LoL

Miss Teaque said...

awww! i adore your bad ass boys! they'll kick ass next year! they rawk

JohnB said...

no doubt!

Mike, Jacqui and Ieuan Mackrill said...

Hi Dana,

Mike, Jacqui and Ieuan Mackrill said...

Hi Dana,
I'm with you on the coach. If you lose bu 1 or 50, you still lose. Pass The Football!
Do you have to buy those pads yourself? If so, do they cost lots?
The boys look scary, which is nice, they'll kick ass next year

Be Good

The Black Hornet said...

who was the coach? Marty Schottenheimer?