Friday, October 19, 2007

The Loser Blogger

I detest the loser blogger. Do you ever wonder why they puff themselves up so? Because they live at home off of their mommy at age 40, they are virgins, can't drive, chew loudly, bite their fork, in the closet, lie about everything from having cancer to their military career to hobbies. Really when you build models, call it that, don't say it's sky diving.
They make whole videos for their blog with some wanky song and pictures of nothing but themselves. They will help anyone out with their blogs, yeah it's nice. But they have to excel at something. After all those purple hearts and bronze or whatever stars don't really exist.
Losers are everywhere but dangerous in the blogging community...
It makes me sick to see them on someone else's page.
I'm sorry but I am pretty sure I posted my last 360 post.
Can I puke now?


Alissa said...

*Slow 1980's movie clap*

Damn funny! I know just the sort...

Keala said...