Saturday, October 27, 2007

My main passion in life

I love to write I's in me and my blood. Somewhere in the family someone else also writes more than bounced checks.

I love to bead but I hate it too, because od deadlines and shit. I hate it. I hate that something I love i hate because I have to do it to pay the phone bill and shit.

I love to paint. I started to in elementary and was serious about it in high school because my art teacher was really cool and he got me into oil painting. I took art all 4 years as my elective and recieved A's all 4 years.

I love the Impressionist Era. I love Gauguin and Van Gogh the best. Well, Van Gogh the best I guess, everything about him and his life fascinates me.

I love to take on the view of things in this world through a brush. i love the lines and effects a brush gives.

Sometimes I wish I could see life that way.

So last year, I went to the city with my mom, sister and aunt. My mom was getting her hair foiled so we hit every thrift store that there is.

I...well my sister found a blank canvas at one for a dollar and showed it to me. I bought it but never painted anything on it.

Then when she took this picture of my baby sister Jonna I knew I was going to interpret it on that canvas.


This is how I see it through my eyes and brush



Josie Two Shoes said...

This is an awesome piece of art, Dana! I love your interpretation of the photo. I knew you could paint pictures with words, but I had no idea that you could also paint with brushes - I'm impressed... so many talents hidden within you, I hope they are passed on to your children. Do you see any budding writers in the bunch? I too am sad that you have bead under pressure, I wish it could be something that you just do for the love of doing it. Maybe someday it will happen! I refuse to ever give up hope of brighter futures (perhaps I am an idiot, but to loose hope is to loose everything).

Mike S said...

Very impressive. You definitely have talent. My favorite painting is 'Christina's World' by Wyeth. Have you any more of your work you might share with us?:)