Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Life is

*pic of my 2 sisters by my sis*
I was recently posed a question on my blog about what life is to me. I thought about this for awhile and thought of all the material and non material things that we can conclude as the meaning of life. Such as money, fame, fortune, house, car or happiness, love, health. and so on.
I thought of my life, so far and the things in my life that make it what it is to me. So I sat down and wrote this.
What is life to me...Dana.

Life are the flowers I used to pick as a child and run home to show them to my grandma just to make her smile.

Life is when my favorite song plays on the radio and no one is around to hear me sing it.

Life is talking to elders and hearing their stories of how things were.

Life is sitting with good friends over a coffee & smokes and having that buzz that only good friends can accomplish. Laughter echoes even when you lay down to go to sleep that night.

Life is wedding vows, drum beats and hot coffee.

Life is watching your sons play a football game in chilly weather with a big blanket and cup of hot chocolate.

Life is being in your 30's and laying out in the lawn in the middle of the night to watch the stars twinkle and remember days past when you did this and would dream dreams that probably never happened but now you have new dreams....and maybe, just maybe they will happen.

Life is watching a child blow the fuzz off of a dandelion and knowing they are making a wish thet they hope with all hope will come true.

Life is having a good friend who will hold you when you need it the most

Life is potato soup on an autumn day.

Life is cooking out in the middle of winter during a Sunday morning NFL game.

Life is watching the Yankees in the fall.

Life is baking a homemade chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting because it makes your kids dance with happiness.

Life is a looking out the window during a blizzard in a warm house.

Life is laying around with all your children talking about when you was little, yes when the dinosaurs were alive.

Life is sitting on my moms back porch and getting ideas for next weeks column over a cigarette with her.

Life is joking with my dad, sitting in a teepee and hearing his stories, calling him on the phone without long distance charges.

Life is hearing my daughter sing.

Life is Grandma Noreen's soup,Grandma Pearl's bread, Grandma Lucille's quilting, Grandma Poxie's hospitality, and Grandma Dod's sense of humor.

Life is laying on the couch with a good book, a quilt, and a purring cat.

Life is autumn leaves floating in a dirty mud puddle that reflects the bright blue sky.

Life is how you see it. If you think negative about everything, then that is your life. My life is how I see it and feel it and live it. I choose to be happy and relish in every facet of happiness in my life whether it be big or small. And that is what life is to me....awesome.

I love my life and the four little human beings that gave my life meaning.

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Josie Two Shoes said...

Beautiful post, Dana - such peaceful, positive, contented thoughts. A book, a quilt, a purring cat - I could go for that!