Thursday, October 25, 2007

Those Damn Kids That Make Me Sappy

So last night I was beading and watching Anderson Cooper's Planet in Peril. It is an awesome documentary.

So anyway I am beading and when I bead my mind tends to wander. So I thought about my life, which led me to think about my kids.

I was thinking how lucky I was to have them. I mean sure I could scream my head off at them because they were being nerve-racking as hell and they were chasing each other af full speed all over the house giggling like girls and throwing something at each other. I could make them all behave and sit still like they was in church, but instead I let them raise hell. They laughter was loud but it was comforting. Here I have two boys going into high school next year and instead of them being out on the town, getting high and chasing they are having fun with their little siblings.

They sounded like some damn buffalo but I figurd if I let them chase each other around, they would soon get tired, which is what they did. And they sat to watch TV.

Everything was comfortable. Then I decided that I was hungry...and there was still some rice leftover from dinner. So I got up, got me a bowl and went over to the rice pot.

There was a dirty sock in the rice.

I didn't say anything to them.

Littler fuckers, anyway.

I would have did it all over again.


The Black Hornet said...

So I guess you had a little Saki with your rice - eh?

The Black Hornet said...

my kids are going to sew Kathy Lee Gifford's clothing line. Or maybe Martha Stewart.

Dana Dane said...

I did not eat the rice! lol
Saki would send me to the clink for 8 hours

Missy A said...

Now THAT is THE funniest thing I've heard all day!
Its not Saki it's Socki LoL
or rice-a-socki LoL PMSL
I'm going to be laughing for days over that

Josie Two Shoes said...

You will miss those noisy "buffaloes" when they leave home in just a few years! :-) Our kids really are the meaning in our lives, yours are very blessed to have a mom who loves them so much!