Friday, October 19, 2007

To Know me is to know my typos and rants

sorry for the last rant
i am not Mother theresa or even Mary Poppins, nor am I Chrissy Snow. I have bad habits, make 15 dollars per coulmn entry which is why I get pissed when it don't get accepted. Which is why I bead eat and pay my internet bill. I type horribly and am too lazy most times to use spellcheck or Word. I procrastinate EVERYTHING which is such a bad habit. I tell myself that if I put something off the pressure of doing it in a hurry makes me do it I lie to myself too.
I'm 35, have 4 kids, a husband that left me for the bottle and I had to take in two people to live in my basement to help me pay my bills along with his daughter. the bad thing is it is my ex (boys father) and his annoying ass kissing gf.
i am glad he is helping me with the boys but she is so jealous of me, it's annoying. I already blew up at her once. If i wante dhis ass I would have it. He's used goods. Tehy are supposed to have a place within a week.
I don't pretend to know everything. ther eis so much I WANT to know.
So I am not perfect.
But the difference is I don't pretend to be someone else. i have struggles in my life. I have a wonderful mom who is smart as hell, strong and beautiful. But I moved away from her when I was 18.
I won't blog about her porsche because she don't have one...i could blog about her suv but why? It's not mine...she has a shitload of shoes and I could blog that but I don't....they ain't mine.
And I sure as hell wouldn't tell people I was sick when I'm not just to affirm that people I never met care about me.
that is the kind of shit that makes me sick of Yahoo and some people.
The easiest thing to be is yourself...whoever that is.
Plus today on Yahoo I tried to read some blogs of wonderful people I know...kept getting Page cannot be displayed thingy. Tried commenting on the one I could get to and kept getting that same page. Couldn't get on my own page and had to post my blog twice before it posted. the bugs are one thing...the fact that 360 is jumping ship is another...I will leave the page open but just remain inactive.
I think I have some wonderful people on my list here, most of whom I met via 360.


Alissa said...

And boy do I know those typos... 360's a piece of shit, and a sinking ship. Half the time, I can't access your page there, or it takes forever! Move on baby!

Dorid said...

It's kinda tough, seeing that Yahoo!360 is closing down... but I think most of us saw this coming. It has it's pros and cons, but no matter where you are there are idiots and jerks... you can't escape them in the blogsphere any more than you can in real life.

You know I've been reading you here (you're on my google reader :) ) and I'll continue to read you here...

Dana Dane said...

i know they are all over...i just choose to stay away from there because it makes me sick

Keala said...

I didn't know it was that bad. Dang.

Mike S said...

Nice blog, I think I've gone to 360 maybe 3 times since a friend talked me into it 2 years ago. Sorry, if I want whiny people around, I'll chose those whose whining bothers me least.
I'll be back:)

Missy A said...

way too many attention seekers over there WAY too many
and it is Yahoo that's F'ing up 360 was terrible yesterday possibly is today as well dunno haven't been on there yet, not that my 360 will have changed anyway my Home page has stopped updating yet again
I've even moved BA over to Blogger so peeps can get to it, more and more are leaving 360 gotta update my blog roll and stick em all in it