Wednesday, June 1, 2011

One of the hardest things to realize and accept when one obtains freedom is accepting the fact that people change, things change. I mean, I changed, in a good way. And some changes you see or experience are good, some aren't. Like I realized my precious daughter has a fear of bugs. My second born fights his dad, who, I would be the first to admit was and has been a dipwad in the past. But that was the past and I commend him now for being a man and stepping up to care fo our sons. I don't expect a big "welcome home" anything, not even a pat on the back. Because where I was, don't deserve any kind of celebratory anything. I am sure there are those who would be happy to have a beer with me because I'm out. But that would really only be to have a beer, you know? Nope, I don't expect anything or want anything from anyone. Except I do find satisfaction in knowing that I'm happy to be out and I have a profound appreciation for freedom.


Josie said...

I am sure that not only you, but everyone who plays a part in your life, has been changed by this experience, and it know it was so very hard on all of you. I'm sure you feel like you missed out on a piece of time. I used to feel that way just when my daughter was away for the summer with her Dad, or when my son went to live with his Dad when he turned 12, like I missed so much. But they have turned out just great and our relationships are stronger than ever, and I'm convinced the same will prove true for all of you because the bonds of love are much stronger than we realize. Keep living and loving them day by day and all will fall into place in the months and years ahead. You'll see!

Mike S said...

I missed you, welcome out. Will take rain check on beer, never know.