Monday, May 30, 2011

November 3, 2010

I saw something that broke my heart today.
I saw a lady with a 20 year sentence say bye to her daughter, who was released today. This lady is in her late 50's and she has 18 years to go on her sentence.
Her husband sold drugs, she didn't, but she knew he did so she got a conspiracy charge which is an automatic 10 to life.
Her daughter was turned on them and eligible for early release with a drug program. Her mom said she knows she had to do what she had to do, she was after all her daughter and pretty much all she had in prison.
Being a felon, her daughter can never visit, with her mom's age and health, who knows if they will ever see each other again. I was somewhat miffed her daughter was irritated with her mom for "making a big deal" out of her leaving. Because what she is not thinking, is this might be the last time they see each other ever. The mom couldn't stop crying, it was so heartbreaking, I had to look away.

My affirmation for myself today is a Persian proverb my Iranian friend Cyrus told me, and I have been using it alot through this whole journey.
"Even at the end of a long, dark night, the sun must rise."
It is a simple, onle line sentence tha packs so much power within it. So much power that when you think of it, it is almost breath-taking.
I have thought of this many times this year.
You must firmly believe in this sentence with all your heart because no matter whats happens in your life, what you are going through, how ever you feel, you must believe and know that sometime soon things will get better, the sun will rise.


Josie said...

My life is a testament to the truth of this sentence, Dana. At the very darkest times in our lives when all seems hopeless, we have no idea that the future will bring change and possibilities that will lift us up. We wouldn'nt believe it if someone tried to convince us. But the truth is that the sun does rise, and flowers bloom even in the desert, and laughter and love return in amaazing ways. I tell my daughter this over and over, to never give up hope in the future, and to "keep the door open" to new possibilities!

Dana Dane said...

I was going back and reading my writing from inside. I found and posted this.