Friday, May 13, 2011

um, yeah, this went down.

My mama at the Pita Pit
Ma: I would like two Humus Pitas, please
Drive thru chick: Um ok I can't get the total right so just pull up
(mom pulls up wondering if the Pitas are big enough for my vegetarian sisters.)
Ma: How big are they
Drive thru chick: What
Ma:The pitas, how big are they?
Drive thru chick: They're $8.43
Ma: No but how big are they? I might want 2 more falafel ones.
Drive thru chick:You ordered small ones.
Ma: I don't recall ordering any size. I think I need two more. Can I get two more?
Drive thru chick:Um, NO.
Drive thru chick: But thats OK! (Drive Thru chick closes window)
My mom is in shock. 'Where am I?' she says to us.
Drive thru chick opens window "That will be $8.43.
Ma: Since I can't order more...(She hands over her twenty.)
Drive thru chick: It's ok! They are really filling. (She's like a size 0, she makes change.)
Drive thru chick: $15.67 is your change
(She turns and looks at her screen and turns back to my mom)
Drive Thru chick: That will be $8.43, please?
Ma: I just paid you.
Drive thru chick: No, you didn't, did you?
Ma: Take me home. (to my brother)

Seriously, I busted a gut. OMG it was too fuckin funny. It was great.

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Anonymous said...

That's a goot one D!