Sunday, May 8, 2011

Cheesecake Log (from the inside)

1 cup cream cheese
1 disposable cup of vanilla pudding
1/2 cup of countrytime lemonade mix (dry)
1 cup of creamer (non dairy powder-dry)

1 pack of Pecan Sandies cookies

1 small trash bags (or saran wrap)
1 bucket of ice (or a fridge)

Crumble cookies into oblivion, mix crumbs with hot water until it's a tough dough. Roll dough out onto the trash bag (ok saran wrap, in the free world.)

Mix cream cheese, vanilla pudding, lemonade mix, and creamer with small amount of hot water. Don't let it get watery. Mix well and spead over cookie crumb dough. You can add small pieces of snickers (my fave) for Snickers cheesecake. Roll with the plastic wrap into a log and let chill either in ice water or in fridge...another free world luxury. When it's chilled you should be able to slice off a piece of cheesecake.
Of course this is the free world and you can just go buy a cheese cake, but this was one of the small ways, using commisarry items, people made their time go easier or celebrated each other's birthdays.

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