Thursday, May 5, 2011

Home Free

well this city is home now...I am at my mom's house. I wrote sooooooooooo much while I was locked up. I learned so much about my self in the past year. I been counting down to this day FOREVER on a little notepad.
First off
I will never be a lesbian because it didn't happen yet after the ultimate test.
I am in perfect health except for I need to lose wieght which I lost 35 pounds in county but plateau-ed in prison because I worked in the kitchen.
My blood pressure is slightly high so I am on meds for that and it's now normal.
My daughter is the most amazing beautiful girl child in the world. She is 7 and obsessed with dinosaurs.
And I have discovered new heros.
My sons.
They are the strongest men I know other than my dad, but maybe stronger than him.
They are going to be seniors in high school, one is going for a Bill Gates scholarship, the other is a steady 3.0. They were honored a couple of weeks ago along with their wrestling team for being on honor roll all season. They didn't make it to state but they made second round play offs in football and Ty made all conference while Jalen made honorable mention. And all this and still strong enough to NOT use alcohol and drugs. Truly amazing.....don't get me wrong I'm sure they still fart and throw dirty socks around.
They are still at home along with Stephon and their dad.
I am sooo fortunate their dad stepped in and my mom had Justice because I met so many girls that lost their kids.
And I saw so much inside.
I saw people's daughters, mothers, sisters, wives, grandmothers....locked up with me. Yeah we made mistakes, but we were still somebody's mom. And that want of freedom is hard, so hard it's a pain. I feel for the sisters I made in there and left. And I remember it's what we did, not who we are.

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Josie said...

Welcome home! You are so right, it is not who you are. Your children are strong because their mother is also strong, and I know you will find your way forward, showing them by example how we move forward with our lives. Wishing you all the best. Hoping you will share some of what you've written during this time with us. HUGS