Saturday, May 7, 2011

Dana Dane-Revised

There was so many things I was supposed to do according to all the 10 year plans I made in my life. Some of these plans I made in daydreams. Some in jail, doing eight hour stints, some in job interviews....some with career counselors and some in various treatment settings. I'm done with ten year plans. Christ, I'm nearly 40 now, I highly doubt I need to plan until I'm 50. How do you pencil in Cougar years-mid life crisis-start looking at younger men----teasing! That's one family tradition I don't want to follow. Anyways,I'm done with 10 year plans because I am still me, know what I mean? Not necessarily new and improved, although I feel brand new, it's more like...
So the me that I am now is taking care of her spirit.
I am strong...still.....barely. Oh the number of times I wanted to curl in a ball and cry my eyes out. But I couldn't. I had to stay strong for me.
And for my kids.
The new me realizes she has choices. And opportunities.
This is my time to stay sober,and know that it is a choice.
My choice. My opportunity.
Let's do this.

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Anonymous said...

Did you have to mention the cougar stuff, that's a family secret..Purrrrr!!