Friday, August 3, 2007


Wow...I was so busy I didn't even take any pics of the looks like Ami from Miami Ink, that's the photgrapher and the other looked like Hugh Grant sorta, but maybe I am just thinking that because Hugh Grant is British. Anyway...what a great time.

They will be coming back in September to attend a Thanksgiving Ceremony my dad is having for the Thunder Spirits. (Don't ask for an explaination, I know Thanksgiving is in November and it is not the same.) They will not be coming back as "media" but as friends.

So the furst day was too late to do anything. I made them a meal of Indian tacos (even though they are health freaks they ate it...poor guys.) They said it was delicious and I gave them the beaded medicine pouches I made them. They were thoroughly surprised...but that is the Lakota way.

We went for a cruise through Pine Ridge and the border town of Whiteclay.

The next day they came after me at 9am.

1st stop was Wounded Knee where the mass grave is located from the Massacre. We talked in depth of our feeling about Wounded Knee, the massacre of 1890 and the stand-off with the government of 1971. We talked of our feelings as an Indian today, and as an American. I won't say what was discussed too much because well it's Paul's story, not mine.

We picked up my uncle and rode out to find my dad. My dad took them out to the prayer grounds and we all sat in the ht hot sun while they interviewed my dad and took pictures of him, his tattoos and so on. After that we rode back to my dad's little trailer and garage where he showed them his Harley. He also got to pose on the Harley.

Afterwards we went driving around the rez and then it was my turn and my uncles turn to pose. I had to sit in front of a haystack. OMG! Like I just randomly sit in front of haystacks! (Honest, it was the first time I had hay in my hair! ;) But this photographer is awesome. You can see his work on I ended up going back home at about 7pm and I was tired.

After 10 hours of sleep, I was ready for the next day. It was just I and the two Brits. We drove to Fort Robinson in Nebraska because one of our interviews with a Viet Nam Vet had already disappeared on us for the day. In Fort Robinson we looked at the marker where Chief Crazy Horse was killed. I don't want to talk too much of it, because like I said it is Paul's story but I was very disappointed. Afterwards they got to meet my mom and family.

After that was pics at home with my rugrats. Of course they didn't clean or comb their hair, but oh well.

I had an amazing time with Paul Harris and Robert Yager of The Observer Magazine. I was surprised at how many things I said and he was like "Oh yes, I read that in one of your blogs."

Paul flew back to New York today. Robert was at our Pow Wow last night, charming the socks off of people. I just went by to make sure he was ok. He'll be alright. He flies back to L.A. tomorrow.

Wonderful men, great sense of humor they have, crazy ass "Gone in 60 Second" driving, and some great conversation.

I will link it when it comes out.


Stacy said...

Can't wait!

Josie Two Shoes said...

What an awesome adventure for them and for you, Dana! I can't wait to see and read more of it! How cool that you were so comfortable with them, and that they want to come back. Dana... finding her voice for her people!!

Missy A said...

can't wait and yes you are a blog whore LoL