Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I started weening myself from nutcase drama queens who are unhappy.

Or maybe I should say I started weeding them out of my life. I can't deal with it.

I could never understand why some people just want to be depressed or angry all the time. Or why people want to worry about money all the time. I admit, I have my moments and my rants. I usually take it out on my blog but then I feel better.

I am basically a happy person. I have nothing to bitch about. I have wonderful children who aren't doing half the shit kids their ages are doing. I raised them that way.

I also raised them to see the happiness in life.

There are so many simple things in life you can be happy about.

I have had people in my life that are only happy when they have money and the minute they spend it they are unhappy and bitching about being broke. I'm no sain,t I bitch about being broke too from time to time, but I don't ever bitch at that exact moment I am spending my loot. In fact when I am buying stuff I need for the house or my kids something that makes them happy, I am happier than ever.

I am happy to see another sunrise, because honestly I don't always get up that early.

I am happy for a warm cookie.

I am happy for a cup of coffee brewed just right.

I am happy to read a good book.

I am happy when my cat lays by me and purrs.

I am happy when all my kids are home, safely sleeping.

I am happy when I hear them laugh.

I am happy I have a job, finally.

I am happy I have a house.

I am happy even though I'm not rich.

I'm a happy bitch, so if you are unhappy and don't like all this happiness, stuff it.

If you're happy and you know it clap your hands...lol.


Mike S said...

I call them 'toxic people' because if you took away their misery they'd have no life as they've never bothered to create one for themselves.
I'd clap my hands, but then I'd spill my Scotch, and THAT's reason to be unhappy:)

Alissa said...

I love you. You are so great. I'm gonna come and read this anytime I'm feeling down so I can remember what to be happy about.