Sunday, March 16, 2008

My Repost Classics

I decided to repost some of my favorite blogs from 360. I was cruising the ghosttown the other day and decided I want to take some of the blogs with me that mean something to me. Some people may not get it but I still laugh at some of them. So this is a blog I did about a blog that was like a meeting spot for 4 of us, only 2 of us blogally exist anymore. And somehow a lurker found our secret spot and lurked the hell out of us, but didn't comment until we all left. The blog eventually blew up from too many comments and of course I got to blame.

So here is one of my classics from 360 originally posted October 26, 2006..

It Wasn't Me

OK, this wasn't the blog I had planned on doing today but because I am being accused of blowing up Ned's blog this is what happened. (Yeah, you all know who you are that accused me. And no I don't need to come with a warning label)

Ned opened this blog up....real nice place. We would all meet up there sometimes. Sometimes Conant (don't ask, i don't know who he is) sits in there and talks to himself. Well we all would laugh have fun. There are 4 of us that I will show you a pic of, Ned has survelliance in his place. Up there is a pic of Ned and I on the morning before the big bang. Before I get to that let me tell you about this "most comfortable blog ever." The 4 of us would go in there and meet up like this pic....


some funny stuff happened there...wished you all could have read it. I mean one night I left, the Neddo left and we left TMT and Ass Fault there drunk. the next day the place was a mess....Ned saw these pics hanging all over....we cleaned it and found these snapshots of Tomi giving Ass lessons...

howtomakeBigass copy

We was shocked, shocked ....speechless. We had no idea they were pole dancing in there when we was gone. Neddo felt violated.....he did a shot of 101 to get his mind off of it....and decided to show me this trick he learned while bartending...


I went to comment but something didn't seem right...I felt don't know it just wasn't right. It would have been the 1,538th comment....I went to push post comment when I felt the boom. I turned and ran......with my guns!


tomahawk_explosion_photo copy

When I looked back I seen Neddy flying amongst the comments.....then Rachel Ray came on TV and she was making this chicken sandwich and salad and well, I knew he would be ok. Big misconception everyone has about comments....comments are actually soft and cushiony. Especially between Ass and Tomi...

So I go back to check on Neddy later.

Like 3 hours later.....

2409281621 They are pulling him away from the mess...I run up and ask him if he is going to be ok.

"Mama?" he a poor little baby bird, fallen from the nest.

"No I am Dana..."

"Linda?" he says...he is seeing spots. Had a huge head injury.....poor guy just drive around and around in his own blog.

da8e Doc says he will be ok....but he is stuck with that look on his face ...*whispers* FOREVER!

So see I am INNOCENT! I have wounds too where I was hit with comments. I have a huge scratch on my pinky finger. Oh and if you go to tell him to get well, respect the mess. It will take him months to clean that comment schrapnel up. Ned, you know I am a blog sis and will always be here for you...always.

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