Monday, March 3, 2008

The Middle of Nowhere

That is what I always named my blog. Even back in the pre-historic 360 days.

Nowhere isn't here on the reservation.

Nowhere is here in my mind. It's where I go all the time.

I escape to nowhere to get away from everything else.

Nowhere is a nice place to be when I have nothing else to do.

Do you want to go nowhere?

Follow me.


JESSE said...

I was in the middle of "Nowhere" for like the whole summer, it is nothing to write home about. lol. keep writing dana, your family is still your number one fan..

Anonymous said...

I go there, you know, nowhere. More willingly of late than before. I am drawn to your description of expanse and the rural setting. Remote country roads are familiar to me because I grew up 18 miles from the nearest small town. My kids are grown and I challenge myself to make time to be nowhere. I decided recently that I would not throw my body at another project. An on purpose decision that challenges selflessness and the working class whispers that reside in my “do everything” space.

Mike S said...

I spend a lot of time in 'nowhere' and always have. Watching the world hurry past while getting noplace is very calming:)

Anonymous said...

It isn't calming for me Mike, I tend to worry. Busyness self talk paid off for awhile because I looked for outside validation. Now I pay attention to the critical self talk and try to relax. Guess this all means I'm a work in progress.