Friday, February 29, 2008


I have this rock on my desk. A geod or whatever they are called from my mom. she left it when she moved so it is sitting here.
The outside of it is rough. The inside smooth with layers and layers of agates formed when other creatures walked this earth.
Sometimes I look at that rock and think of everything it has been through. Centuries of history. Everything I can think of and I know the rock was already here on this earth. Like when Christ was born, or when Napoleon ruled, or when something happened to Amelia Earhart. This rock was here somewhere.
And for my short lifetime, this rock is sitting on my desk.



DeeAnne said...

I love rocks.

and Happy Birthday!

Alissa said...

Happy Birthday Dana!

Mike S said...

Happy B'day. Mrs Mike says you described my history in this post. Something else she muttered sounded like 'crazy old fossil', but not sure.