Monday, February 11, 2008

Love, Sweet Love

I have this friend that told me he don't believe in love.

That he grew up with a mom who was strict and didn't show emotions. So therefore to him there is no such thing as love...only compatibility.

I was shocked to hear such. I'm not lucky in love...I know this. I always wondered how it would be to celebrate anniversaries and whatnot. to go back to the spot you fell in love with someone, or to be able to tell your daughter the tale of what it was like the minute you knew you fell in love with her father.

I don't have that.

But I do have this. I have fallen in love many times. Maybe too easily and sometimes probably just with the thought of falling in love, but I have loved.

When I love I throw myself headfirst into it and revel in it at first. Then as the love grows and becomes more consistent, I learn to appreciate it for being what it is. Love. Pure and simple.

I have been hurt because of love also, but I got over it. I am ok. I personally feel as if love is an opportunity that you have in life. It's just up to you to take the chance, the risk, the opportunity. Otherwise, how can you know what it is?

If I should die before I awake, I do know that in this lifetime I have loved. And have I ever.

Just how the hell do you not believe in love?

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