Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The "Feel Good" Columnist

I am just that. Seriously. Some of my bitching, moaning, and whining that you see here don't make print. I guess they leave that to the men. Not saying anything against it, I could make big issues out of things too, but I try not too.

Example: When Nicholas Cage was quoted saying in USA Today this about the Sacred Paha Sapa after filming National Treasure "That was my favorite location because you can really see into that countryside why the Native Americans thought that was sacred ground," Cage says.
I could almost hear a collective "oooooooooh."
See now I could make a big issue of it, other than partially blog about it. I could stomp my feet, light a match and write in my weekly column about it. I could point out Mr. Cage's ignorance about how we don't think the Black Hills are sacred, we KNOW they are. Bit I assume that other than working in the Black Hills, he only saw it as any other tourist would, with the taffy pulling shops, gunsliging reenacting,Made in China snowglobe, tiny spoon, plastic fake wild west of it all.
But why bitch...I mean he did go on to say "There was a symmetry and harmony to the nature there, the way the trees are embedded in the hills with the rocks, and there are these very still pools of water."
Which is very true. It all comes down to the Black Hills.
Most people see the beauty, the plastic, and see why we Lakota love them.
What most of those people don't know is that we came from the Black Hills, that it is and always will be ours, no matter who sets up sweatshop produced souvenir shops there. They always were and always will be sacred and ours.
So yeah, I could say all that, but...
Chances of it getting printed. Zero to Slim.
Because I am the "Feel Good" columnist. I make people think, laugh, and see glittery sunsets.
Besides, I can always bitch on my blog. (Hilary, you're next)

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PS-I really am a Nicholas Cage fan, every since Valley Girl.

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