Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Modern Day Warrior

OK I shouldn't be so hard on Cassie Edwards. I mean her books are "historical romances." I mean maybe dudes did look like that back in the day. Ab's were ripped and six packs were something they didn't drink. Hair was flowing and the settler wimminz just wanted to get in thier geech cloth. I lke how all of her books re called Savage: Savage Moon, Savage Lust, Savage Heart, Savage Love.

Ha, savage my ass.

Again, so romanticized. Seriously, it's like watching Brad Pitt with the bear in Legends of the Fall. Some of the guys I know today run from dogs.
Anyway, whatever.

Now that is just sickening. I could care less if a team is called Indians or whatnot, but when people dress up like this it's just stupid. whatever.

That is a real warrior from days gone by. Rain In The Face.

So our men today don't look like the ripped men on Cassie Edwards novels. So they don't know what the word romantic means and have wide feet. So they might get and give hickeys past their teens. So they shine in the dark and really would walk a mile for frybread.

They can still invent games like ghetto jenga and make you laugh.
(my brother)

They will always be there for their mothers, daughters, and sisters. They are still warriors to the women in their family.

(my daddy)

Happy Birthday to my Grandpa Hobart, (not pictured) he's still a badass warrior at 73.

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