Thursday, February 7, 2008

Sticks and Stones

I can’t be strong, resilient and quiet anymore.
I have for the longest time.
I have been researching on the internet what abuse is?
Does domestic abuse only happen if someone is in a relationship?
If you are not with someone anymore but they or their significant other keep stalking, attacking, emailing, and calling you threatening you, isn’t that abuse?
I was in an abusive relationship before that, I was lucky to get out of. Some people are not so lucky, some people stay in them because they are scared to leave. It took me 11 years to get out of it. It took me to see my children weren’t happy when they would see me hit or pushed down, or called down.
I have worked hard all my life for my children, to make them a better home, sometimes two jobs. Then one day I hopped in my 1979 two door Ford LTD and traveled 12 hours to that better life away from it all.
I lived away for from the rez for 16 years but away from that relationship for 5 years then missed my family too much, so I came home with my children.
I am not perfect, I will be the first to admit my faults. But I won’t be quiet about a bad situation.
Maybe the law can’t help me. Maybe nobody believe me, but surely there are other people in the same situation.
I can speak out against violence, harassment, and mental abuse.
When you call someone a demeaning names,that is mental abuse. When you stalk someone,that is abuse. When you harass with phone calls and emails, that is abuse.
that's all I have to say against it so far.
I am taking a break from the paper (not my blog)until this passes over. I’m sorry to even bother anyone with this, but I need a break from everything so I can concentrate on my kids.
I have a big mouth so I will be back sooner than later.
It’s all sticks and stones….so far.

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Mike S said...

Time to start saving the mails, phone messages, etc and carrying the digicam everywhere to catch her in the act of being everywhere you are. After gathering a bit, restraining order time. Don't worry about the cops enforcing it, just keep gathering & dating the evidence if she continues. Then when you have enough, back to the judge & let him/her worry about it. Worth a try:)