Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I saw that in a magazine once. TGIWTB stands for The Girl I Want To Be. You know who The Girl (or guy) you want to be is...they always seem so perfect, never leaving crumbs on their shirt, or spilling their drink, even their sneezes are cute.
So here is how I found TGIWTB.

TGIWTB started at a young age. I was about 4 or maybe three years old when I wanted to look like my Barbies. I couldn't understand why no one ever looked like their dolls.
Then we moved away to the city at age 6 and TGIWTB turned into everyone of my classmates. They all looked like bigger versions of my Barbies and I felt inferior.
When I grew into a teen, I wanted to be more outspoken. I wanted people to know that even though I was shy, I did have an opinion.
When I became an adult, TGIWTB stood up for herself. She didn't let anyone take her down a notch. She let people see her inner strength and showed her pride in herself, her people, and her children.
In my 30's, TGIWTB is me.

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