Friday, February 8, 2008

Ahhh the weekend...and sequined moccasins

When it seems like everything in the world is shaken, stirred, whatever, something comes along and makes everything better.
I knew I would see the sun.
I am always amazed to go to my maploco and see other people from around the world reading.
I think, what if I were to go to that country and walk on a street in that city...someone could be up in an apartment window above me reading about my boring life.
I seriosuly don't know why I write lol, I never laugh, I only smile, maybe I will write smile from now on, I don't want to be a fake.
I recieved another nasty email today, saved it, printed it, nothing I can do to prove anything but still going to sign a complaint.
One of my friends moved away but not too far, another came back after being gone for three weeks...I lost a little weight and the workouts are going good. I won't be posting any before and after pics until after after after though.
Hey whoever is out there reading my boring life here on the rez, let me know if you are ever going to stop by this way because I know I will probably never leave this country in this lifetime. Hi Sarah, you beyotch, I see you lurking, love you like a you know what all the way in Germany and thanks for the necklace it's gorgeous.
I dream of going somewhere else, but being back in the isolation of this reservation, I feel as if I will never leave again.
Well I am out until Monday.

Oh yeah....
Did you ever talk to someone that was so easy to talk to, that it felt like it was maybe only half hour and it ended up being 3 and a half hours.

Fave color?

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skeeter said...

Nice view! Peace be to you.