Monday, March 31, 2008

This land is my land

I don't like that corny song but I was thinking about it this weekend. There's this comedy due named William and Ree a/k/a The Indian and the White Guy.

Anyway I remember seeing them on TV once and they were singing a messed up version of that song where the indian dude would sing "this land is my land always was my land, will never be your land" And the white dude jumps in with "this land was your land until my people cam and took it away and now its my land, will never be your land again." Anyway it was very funny in a tongue in cheek kinda way.

But I was thinking about the song this weekend as I watched trash blowing around the reservation. I was thinking of how usually when spring comes it's very green and pretty and things start to bloom. but here when spring comes and the snow melts trash blooms.

Then I started to think of how years ago my people were self sustaining and lived off the land how respectful they were to the Earth. They recycled everything, used everything in a hunt and didn't take more than needed. It makes me sad to see how times have changed.

How greed has changed a whole tribe over generations. I am not saying everybody is greedy but it's a damn shame people care more about themselves and how they appear to other people when in all reality they should be caring about the land they walk on, the water they drink, and the air they breathe. this land is our mother and needs to be treated that way.

I don't know exactly what went down years ago when the government fucked us over and put us on this reservation that is a piece of shit land good for nothing. I don't know what went down after we were forced to stay in one spot and give up a nomadic lifestyle. I don't know what went down when we were forced to quit hunting and providing for our own and take handouts of food that caused a whole diabetic epidemic. I don't know what went down with my people back then.

But I do know this now, maybe I have to live here in one spot and work for the man, but this is still my land and something has to be done now to get that respect to Mother Earth back.

Some shit has got to go down now.

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