Tuesday, February 13, 2007


You know what i hate most in life....i despise "fake" people...for real. Is it that hard to be for real?
Why be fake....do you even see when you are fake? Do you even know that you are fake? And why am i asking that...most fake people live in such a freakin fantasy world they don't even know that they are fake.
Sometimes it makes me wonder...is it easier to say you are for real, even when faking? To me being real is the easiest and most rewarding thing...being fake is not hard, but you do have to act...why act? When you can be the great person that you are, why be someone else? I don't know...lately i just hate meeting fake people.
For one thing i can see right through them, how can they live their life being who they are not...maybe that is what draws me back to blogspot...you think?
Well no matter, i would rather have a few REAL people read me here than alot of fakes...thanks guys for being who you are, maybe i don't know who you REALLY are but I can feel that you are real.


JohnB said...

Well said Dana.

Alissa said...

Well, shit! I think I'm real, but now you got me questioning me...*scratches head at own confusion* Thanks a lot!

No, I hear you. I don't who those people are back there. I'll admit that I hold myself back in my blogging and my commenting because I've become increasingly uncomfortable with the people in and out of my circle. Who knows who anyone is? Well, I think I know who you are, but if not, I like who I've created you to be in my head, either way, it's win, win for you, right?