Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Still my favorite Classic Image challenge

What I would have wished.....to see things through the eyes of Van Gogh.

This is for Dorid's Classic Image Challenge. I thought these challenges were so cool and looked like fun.This is my first time and I am still messing with Paintshop, while I have the trial version. A few years ago my sister painted Van Gogh's Starry night and I thought it would look good with different cityscapes. This is Minneapolis. You can still make out the IDS building, kind of, it is the one that is all lit up on top. (Where The Jets made their "Crush on You" video, if anybody remembers that!) I hope it looks ok.

(repost from last year..i adore photoshop)


Dorid said...

egads, I feel bad that I don't still do this, but only a handful of people are interested in it at this point. It's kinda sad, because I really enjoy the photoshop work people did, as well as challenging myself.

Now I'm directing more of my photoshopping energy to designing my blogs, and for creating custom graphics.

Alexander Barnett said...

Since you are interested in Vincent’s life and work, you might want to look at the Notes section on www.theeyesofvangogh.com. I am the writer and director of the new independent film on his life.