Saturday, February 17, 2007

Missouri Shores

I called the place. It was like a super secret society. Look out for us, she will pull up in a blue van in 20 minutes. Are you ready?
Yes I said. As ready as I will ever be.
I looked at my 3 sons, sitting on the couch and my ehart literally hurt. Here I was dragging them away from everything they knew once again. I felt the familiar kick in my belly and knew I had to go. I was pregnant, I had not told anyone. The father didn't want anything to do with me or a new baby. So I only had one choice.
The blue van pulled up and my boys and I packed everything that mattered to us in the back.
The lady said hi and smiled. We talked for the 40 minutes that she drove me to another location, where I was picked up by another lady waiting. From there we drove with only one pit stop. She stopped at a gas station and I knew the boys were hungry. I had 5 dollars in my pocket. I bought them some snack and on we went. We finally arrived at our destination.
I knew it was when I seen the building. Set in a residential community but with a huge "fort" looking fence around the back yard. We walked in the office side where I finished my paperwork and then we were led to the other side. There, we was assigned a bedroom, given a tour and told how things ran.
I had 30 days they told me to get situated in this new town I decided to make home.
It took me 34 days to find a place to live, find a job and make a new home for my boys.
The Missouri Shores Domestic Violence Shelter in Pierre, SD helped me so much in assistance. They not only gave me a new start on my life but they also gave me the confidence to "start over." Domestic Violence is serious, including all four types of abuse. Physical, Emotional, Sexual, and Neglect. Some people may suffer from abuse and not even know it. The hold of being emotionally abused is so draining of who you are as a person, woman, mothjer, you lose all sense of yourself. There is help out there, you just have to be the first person to accept the help.

The National Domestic Violence Hotline 1-800-799-SAFE (7233)

Please remember when spring cleaning or when the holidays roll around and everyone wants to give, there is a shelter in your community and they do take donations of all types. I have seen some women go to these places with only the clothing they have on.


Alissa said...

Just another fine example of how you have proven yourself as a strong woman, doing right by your kids. Good for you.

Jeepers said...

Dana..I am surprised by this blog..not because of it's content..but that you lived it..I applaud you for leaving and starting over like you many women don't..My mom didn't until I forced her to leave my father..who was very abusive..I personally know all about physical, mental, emotional, and sexual abuse..all things I suffered from by my father and both my ex have to break the cycle..and by you leaving you did..I am so proud of you for wanting better for you and your children..hugs..and much respect

Missy A said...

you know you are strong, strong enough to live through all that
Might not have been the best time of your live but you came though it you survived it!

Dorid said...

another great post from you. You know so many women for some reason think that this doesn't happen, that they're the only ones, or that there isn't hope or help.

what it takes is the courage to leave.