Saturday, February 24, 2007

I was blessed

"Look how lucky you are in this life to have had two such great dads."

That is what my aunt Darla said to me yesterday as we went out to my dad's. We had errands to run and I decided to stop and see him. I was also talking about my stepdad to her and filled her in on the details that she missed because she was out of town.

We stopped at my dad's little trailer tucked in the side of a hill, but I knew he wasn't there. His doors were locked and his car was there. I still knocked of course and I was right. I left him a note and we went on.

At the next stop I bought my stepdad a cup of coffee, just the way he likes it. Strong. I held it in my hand all the way until we got to his place. My daughter, aunt , and I walked over. She immediately begin standing up old floral arrangements that fell and I put the coffee down right where his head would be. We both said prayers for him and left.

Robert was in my life for the most part of the last 24 years. He was so smart, made me fascinated with the law, and he loved corny jokes. He also loved being a father as he brought up 11 children in this world.

My father Bob, really wasn't in my life as much as I wished from the time I was 6. He spent some time being incarcerated, alot of time growing up, and finally he did grow up. I know he is sick or something now, something he still chooses not to share with us. He has given us copies of the will, showed us his life insurance policy, and other things I would rather not talk about with him. He made a lot of mistakes in his life that my brother and I have always forgiven him for. How could we not, he is our father?

I am blessed, I know this. Some people are not so lucky.


Alissa said...

You are very luck to have 2 people in your life that wanted nothing but the best for you, even if it took Bob a little longer to figure it out. A lot of people in a situation of coming from a broken home, and step-parents don't feel the way you do, because they either feel alienated from their birth-parent or have negative feelings toward the step-parent, so the fact that you were able to have a good relationship with both, puts you so far ahead of the game. It's too bad that Bob doesn't want to share what's going on with him health wise, but at least you should find comfort in knowing that he wants you to be taken care of when he's gone.

Dorid said...

...thinking about how nice it was to bring your step dad coffee, and not just more flowers...