Thursday, June 14, 2007

for reals

I used to say that when I was a kid, "For reals." especially when someone didn't believe me. "For reals." I would say and soon it got to be a habit, after almost every line. For reals.
I read a blog today that made me think about being for real and bloggin. Some people use their blogs for poetry, or fiction, or like JohnB and his daily travels on the city bus, with some poetry mixed in.
We can all use our blogs anyway we want. They are, after all our blogs. Yet some people use them for them the wrong way.
Let me explain. I kow a guy who uses them to make himself feel better about who he is. he will blog about his existence as a soldier for 10 years serving in many wars and as a peacekeeper. Yet, when I saw hiw actual army paperwork he only served two years.

He constantly checks and rechecks his blog for comments, which is fine, we all do that at some point in the day. Then if no one comments he gets mad and pissed off. Saying how no one likes him.
That is what brings me to blogging for you. Comments are nice but when you are not yourself people will find out and realize what a fake you are. And for reals, if you are going to be fake be an interesting and fun to read fake. Don't blog about model building or checking your mail.
Peace out, for reals!


DeeAnne said...

Words of wisdom from one of the best "for reals" I know...

Be yourself, everyone is taken.

Sweet_Carolina_Dreamz said...

Scary thought: My room mate, in Colorado was like this..

I was so surprised when I "found out". I really thought he had served a long career in the Air Force.

Great post! Fer reals..

Josie Two Shoes said...

That's one of the bad twists with the Internet, Dana. People can, and often do, reinvent themselves. Personal ads are a great example - wow, some pretty awesome catches there! :-) I agree that people who are not being themselves, can and will be eventually found out... maybe that's why the guy doesn't get many comments. I also am leary of people whose lives are always rosy and exciting, 'cuz real life is, well, not perfect and often just plain uneventful. I enjoy reading writers who aren't afraid to show a little of their human side - like your confessions yesterday about how you weren't always an angelic sister toward your brother - too funny, 'cuz we all could relate! Perfection is boring, so are people who need to pretend to be more than they are to feel ok about themselves. We are each ok the way God made us!

Josie Two Shoes said...

PS - Sure was nice to open your page and find another new post! I smiled widely,'cuz I always know anything you post is going to be a good read! :-)

Missy A said...

Ok I'm pissy now
1. you drank my coffee yet again idea how you do that
2. more comments than I get pooo bars :P

I'm joking of course, not about the coffee though for reals I have no idea how you DO that

Alissa said...

I know what you mean, and who you are talking about. In the beginning, he was interesting to read, but now, he is boring as sin. What's sad about him, is that he's trying to fill a void in his life with his blog, and is very disappointed when his blog friends don't pull through. It's just sad to think that his blog comments could make or break his day...

Webby said...

Hey Dana,
I came across the same phenomenon about five years wasn't blog then but he claimed to be a Nam vet, which he was not. Amongst others..he had a tremendouns amount of imagination.

I don't know why people do this. There's certainly some psychological explanation that I'm not aware of.

One really shouldn't get mad or annoyed by all the stupidity going on but it's sometimes hard to brush it off.

Some people seem to openly suffer from some kind of paranoia and shouldn't be online at all. Sometimes I get so tired of it all -- luckily we're going away for a week soon which will be good.

A Mean Sucka said...

That's why I blog about infiltrating Soviet Russia as a 7 year old. Good Times.