Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I was 2 when my brother Travis was born. i don't remember much except he had a huge bald head and big giant eyes. I would kiss him and call him bubber when everyone was looking and when no one was looking I would tip him over. I taught him a trick, go ahead baby put the whole bowl of cereal over your head. I thought he was going to get in trouble but it made everyone love him more. We have the same mom and pops and are closer than siblings can get. We went through alot together, even if it meant kicking the crap out of each other and chasing each other around with weapons i would rather not name. The day he was run over by a drunk driver still seems surreal. I stayed many hours in the hospital pushing him around with his big leg with all the pins sticking out of it. It had to suck for him to have us leave at the end of the day. The older we get the more kids we have but nothing has changed, we are still the same goofy ass brother and sister. We can still just about read each others minds.

Trav will always be in my life as a hero, brother and friend. We went through some trying times together and we survived. Love you bro.


Sweet_Carolina_Dreamz said...

You are such a great sister, Dana.

I am the only girl and the only "full" child to my parents. I was raised with "a brother from another father" who is four years younger and we haven't been peas n carrots as siblings, but more as mother/child.. but its a very special bond, too!

LOL @ "tip him over"

I have two other brothers, who mix into my own children, in age.. sort of. Cory is 21 and David is 17 in July. (My eldest is 18 in October) "Uncle David" just loves that.

My father and step-mother are more the boomer generation and my mother and step-father are more the "hippie" generation, LOL For them to have drastically different generations of children... My father having generation X and Y

Leave it to my family to make another strong case for appearances on Jerry Springer.. *giggle*

Thanks for sharing..

Josie Two Shoes said...

What a cool tribute to your brother, Dana. The love you feel for him just shines thru it! LOL at the honesty... the things kids will do to each other. I bet he could tell us a few stories like that too. Hmmm, you should ask him to write his perspective on growing up with you! :-) So glad you have each other.

Missy A said...

My sister broke my brothers guitar ...... on my brothers head!
the things bro's and sis's do LoL

you are lucky to have a bro that you are so close too even if he does have a big boof head