Thursday, June 28, 2007

Not to be morbid, but...

I opened this bulletin from this chick on myspace...way over yonder. It was one of those surveys 50 odd things about you or whatever.

Anyway, in it she stated that the song she wanted at her funeral was Letter To Elise by The Cure.

I was thinking, if something ever did happen to her, would that be the song that gets played? Probably not. She would probably have the same type of funeral that all Natives have with tons of food and some guy strumming a guitar singing church hymns. People eating the tons of food that go with the wakes and funerals.

My mom said she wants to be cremated and her ashes spread somewhere like Bear Butte, near Sturgis, South Dakota. She will haunt us if we throw her in water. She wants all Prince music playing, people to wear purple. And butterflies released when we either bury her or spread her ashes.

I think she is like me and a bit iffy about what I want done. I seen to many movies. I seen that part from Scrooged where they are shoving his coffin into the oven thingy and his legs start burning and he is screaming. Then I seen many movies from the grave's view. Both scenarios have given me the willies, for real. Made me a paranoid freak of either. Of course I would just rather live forever, but death is a part of life and something we all have to think about someday.

At this point, I guess the song I would want is Drops of Jupiter by Train or World at Large by Modest Mouse...I don't know.

Who knows though, I mean the songs will be about 60-70 years old when I hit the check out line so...anyway.

What song would you want? Not to be morbid but, just curious.

4 comments: said...

You know.. I have to look up some of those songs..

I'm still going with "In My Life" by the Beatles.. because its just me, I guess.

I so miss that tv show called Providence, because of the song! LOL stupid, eh? I liked the show, but the song got my attention.. now if I could get a recording with that person singing it.. *sigh*

You are right.. I don't wanna think about it, either! *hugz* ~Heidi

Alissa said...

Here comes the sun-The Beatles

That's the first one that popped into my head, but I'm sure there are more. This is kind of a hard thing to think about. I think what should be played are things that people who would attend my funeral would appreciate about me, because I'm dead, so I won't be there to appreciate it, unless I'm there to haunt them. If that's the case, we should stick with the Beatles.

Dorid said...

I figure when I'm dead, that's the end of me. My final wishes would be that my family remember me in terms of the good things, and not to have anys sort of morbid memorial. I do want my ashes dumped in the sea. If they can rent a pirate boat, throw my ashes over, and party in costume and drink grog, all the better. Since I think that the services are for THEM not ME, I really don't care wha they play, but could very well hope for a rousing few verses of "yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me!"

Missy A said...

its in my will that my ashes get thrown on Emly Moor ... but not if they've gone and built houses on it, its got to be a part thats still covered in heather. As for song they can sing "On Emly Moor Bar Tat" only no worms gotta be eating me as I'll just be dust.

I watch too many zombie movies to be buried besides I want to be gone man don't wanna have a headstone or anything like that either, its just a body you don't need memorials, plaques or headstones for your body you ain't in it any more