Monday, July 2, 2007

WARNING: contains profanity, on purpose

It's so fuckin hot and dry on this little patch of weed infested land that I call the middle of nowhere. And fireworks are totally LEGAL!

Put the those two together and yes, this is what you get. FIRE!

My oldest son just got through putting a fire out in the backyard. Thank god I smelled it when I did. Damn fireworks.

On my column in the paper's website, I got my first criticism. Which is fine, because everyone has an opinion, like me. So I like to hear it all. And it was sent in the nicest way from Goodtime Charlie. He think I use too much curse words. Words that the initials are BS and such. He also thinks that I shouldn't write about people getting high and shit like that because I may be influencing young kids to do so. So even though I wasn't offended I had to write a letter to my readers, and here is what I submitted for this week.

Dear readers,

When I started writing for people, I started a blog on Yahoo 360. I made my blog public last January of 2006 and was surprised at the number of people that spoke up to support me and enjoy my writing. Of course there was always the naysayers who would step up and critique me or the one guy who wrote about my writing.
I knew there would be criticism and I know there always will be.
I finally got a bit of criticism on the Lakota Country Times website, but it was in the nicest way. He was a bit offended at my use of the word which initials are BS and the fact that I wrote about a guy I once worked with that would get high before he went to work. Well even though no offense was taken, I would like to explain more about myself and who I am. And why i write the way I do.
I am a strong winyan like he stated in the letter. Using curse words is something I do, probably too much. It is a bad habit for me, as my husband and children told me too many times. Sometimes that gets out in my writing. Anyone who reads my blogs would know that. I try to curb it, especially in public places. Like at the grocery store when the line is a mile long, and someone is writing a check. Or at the gas station when the person is done getting gas but decides to talk on their cell phone for the next 5 long minutes about Friday night. Or in the IHS waiting room when I take my kids up for a physical and it takes 4 hours because everyone is there with their kids for a runny nose. If the use of the BS word or any other words I use offend anyone I am sorry, but that is just who I am.
And about the guy I was talking about in the story "On bein' a skin", he was a dear friend. I don't condone his drug use because I wrote about it and I would actually like to express that I am against it. Especially after knowing that he moved onto harsher drugs that ultimately led to an early death. I miss him dearly as do many of his friends and family.
So here is my rant for this week. When I write about something, I write because it's me and it's mainly things i experienced in my life. I don't write with the intention that I hope I can make someone, whether it be child or adult say the BS word or run out and get high.
I write about things that I care about, that strike me funny, or things I think people should take notice of.
I write for me, first and foremost. That is how I always been. It is nice knowing that people read and appreciate it. I write as a way to release pent up emotions and feelings. If any offense is taken for my use of language, suck it up and deal with it. Just teasing, I am sorry to anyone that I may have offended. It was never meant but I will not change because I used the BS word.
After all, according to the Bill of Rights I am guaranteed Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Press, right? Or is that all a bunch of b*llsh*t?

sincerely, Dana

For the record I don't think I cuss all that much. If I do, excuse the fuck outta me!


Dorid said...

:) never appologise for being real. You write your experience. That's what makes you interesting... it's what makes you YOU.

Missy A said...

If you write about drinking beer is that encouraging people to drink?
If you write about going to the casino is that encouraging people to gamble?
People drink, gamble, smoke and take drugs (hopefully not all at the same time)
its what people do, I'm surprised though that the post wasn't seen as what it was and that was anti drugs
That shit will kill you!

Swearing won't kill you said...

LOL Love your BS!

Josie Two Shoes said...

ROFL... AMEN SISTER!! Be who you are, there is nothing offensive about you. Some people look for reasons to bitch, or can't I say that either? I have a truck-driver mouth when I'm mad, it doesn't make me a bad person. I also know when to watch it. I hardly think anyone on the rez, or anywhere else, hasn't heard these "bad" words before, or isn't aware of someone who gets high. Keep writing real, please!!

Gina said...

Hey Dana!
People can get thier undies in a bunch, getting side tracked by these things and miss the whole gyst of what you are saying.

You chose to just write it the way you said it, and in doing so put yourself on the line which is a GOOD thing, because people know tou are for real, honest and there is a goodness in you way deeper than this petty nonsense the guy was complaining about. I guess the critics can be helpful in some respects as long as it is constructive, and you are not intimidated into remaining silent. I like your style.

We all have to learn to TAKE IN THE CORN AND SPIT OUT THE COB!!

Anonymous said...

hiya dana well i just wanted to ask you why don't you use a real pic? instead of these fake pics of you? dont be scared!!!!

Dana Dane said...

aren't you the scared one if you use anonymous....about that pic it is of me but it was photoshopped by a friend from chicago i know i am not really blue...and FYI I did take that shot close up because I am a bigger girl and I know this. Excuse me, but I want to know who you think that is if it's not me? And who are you...come on, don't be scared?