Wednesday, July 25, 2007

HEY! Anonymous....speak the fucc up!

They said they would never come back to this blog, but apparently they LOVE my writing soo much they came to read this blog!

And left this message.
"Ugh. You are all such whiny little snots."

Get that, a post from May 29th...if you want chickenshit I can leave you a link to my 360 blog since you obviously can't get enough of me. There are over 600 blogs there for you to judge like you God, herself.

The only reason I needed a break from your stupid ass was because of "my own inferior complex." But I know it's not that inferior because of the fact that you have to comment anonymously from your "Tribal" job or whatever you do to make you think you are important. I'm not scared of you.

So I put my life out there, so I bitch and moan. I do it with my real name and my "real" pics.

Who the fuck are you?

Does it bother you that much that I write for the paper and if so, why read it? Why go to my blog and read more?

Do you feel better about yourself for leaving whiny, little snotty messages?

Do you need that much drama in your life?

If so...go fuck yourself...or your cousin!

Sorry to everyone else...and don't preach to me...until you know how it feels.

I'll be back in full creative blog mode tomorrow.

Yes, that means I will be a bitch.



Alissa said...

I was totally prepared to preach until you said not too. That's crap, since when did you put restrictions on commenting?

I look forward to your creative bitchy blog tomorrow...

I heart Dana!

Josie Two Shoes said...

Why don't you just block anonymous comments so this pathetic little person can't find enjoyment in getting under your skin? No need to apologize for being sick of it and blasting, I'm sick of you being harassed too... talk about someone who needs to get a life!

Missy A said...

ugh, they bothered to go all the way back to May geeze, what are they bored or something.
No kidding they DO need a life

DeeAnne said...

People talk shiat because they are jealous. I think you have every right to be upset that someone is attacking you and is too chickshit to come out from behind that Anonymous tag.

Sheesh, if some one is going to call me names they can do it to my face....

Ignorant twit....

Looking forward to your creative bitchrant blog tomorrow...

CarolinaDreamz said...

*clap clap clap* I heart Dana, too!

Anonymous comments are crap!

Be proud to stand WITH your name.. You are IN or IN THE WAY!

Anonymous said...

dana dane hey i didn't write that i know i said i wasn't going to come back but for reals i dig your writing so whom ever wrote whiny snots???? hey it ain't me just to let you know

Gina said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gina said...

I guess that person has not walked a mile in the old's easy to make generalizations, to say, "Snap out of it" and quit yer bitching, when you are not immersed in the same environment and issues. The outsider makes it impossible to communucate with racist comments like " You people"...Uneducated and insulting comment. You write to inform and raise consciousness...closed hearts and eyes are useless. Nasty words are worse.