Wednesday, July 11, 2007

You Are Here

Some times I feel as if I am going through life on cruise control.

Or something....

Just get up and go through the motions of being the human I am supposed to represent.

Am I alone on this?

Do you ever cook a meal only to realize when you are done that you just cooked a meal? You just went through the motions of nourishing those you care for or maybe just yourself and didn't even realize that that you just cooked...a meal.

Have you ever hung clothes out on the clothesline? do any of you even use clotheslines? Anyway sometimes when I hang them out on the line I space off into the distance and I think about nothing. That's right nothing. Then when I realize that I am spacing out to nowhere all the clothes are hung up.

Have you ever went driving. On a long road. And then you start thinking. Just thinking about random things and useless thoughts, you think about what you will aimlessly cook for dinner, or all that laundry you have to hang out....or about how when you was a kid you used to walk in these prairies and wonder why no one walks in them anymore....or start thinking of friends that came and went in life and wonder where they are...are they happy?...are you?....then all of a sudden you realize that you are at your destination. You was thinking of so many other things that you didn't realize....that you arrived. You went through the motions of driving or breathing...being human...and all of a sudden....myspace layouts, myspace codes, glitter graphicsyou are here.


Missy A said...

You not seen my Hills Hoist?
Got this problem tho if I space out it swings around and hits me on the head
I've spaced out many times driving though, my car knows which way to go home so its all good

stacy said...

It happens all the time, though it scares the behjeezus out of me when it happens while I'm driving. How safe can I be if I'm not aware of even being on the road?

schema said...

Yep, I think it our bodies safety mechanism to keep us from going crazy doing all the mundane every day things sometimes.