Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Welcome To The Middle Of Nowhere blog

To my life
To my world
To my chaos
To my whirl
To my heart
To my creativity
To my view
To my nativity
To my drum
To my song
To my rights
To my wrongs
To my love
To my dreams
To my passion
Life is...as it seems.

This poem is a re~post that was inspired by Yardy. She went lurking way back in my blogs and she inspired me to re~post this by saying this "This is like the perfect thing for people to read when they first join your friends list.:)" Her words. So I decided to repost it and welcome you all to the middle of nowhere...again.

I wrote that poem last December when I was at a health convention for my job. I think I was supposed to be learning something, but I blogged in my notebook to keep me awake instead. So thanks Yardy for blog-reminiscing with me


Missy A said...

you should put that down the side of the page here keep it up top so everyone who comes here will read it

Dana Dane said...

thats true huh? my page is screwed up right now...does it lok screwed up to you