Wednesday, March 7, 2007

My Little Niche on Blogger

I don't blog to be judged...and really if people judge any of my actions via blog then thats fine. Sue me.
I went through some really personal crap when I was blogging on Yahoo 360, that only very few few stood up and defended my right to be proud of my heritage.
I mean the guy that attacked me said some really racist stuff about my people and other races...but most people agreed with him and coddled him.
I was hurt.
I let it get to me.
I did cry.
I learned that there are ignorant lil bitches in this world and I need not pay them any attention. Everyone should be proud of who they are , unless of course they are stupid, ignorant and assholes.
So I left Yahoo 360, I opened this blogspot, which is fine because it works for me for the readers of my column...they have easier access to blogspot than Yahoo 360. I made some wonderful friendships on 360, met many wonderful people.
I tried to move on from that idiotic drama and go back because I missed the "community feel" Then I was attacked again. This time a little more discreetly. So i closed my blog down again.
Nobody knows how it feels to be attacked, publicly in front of your peers about being proud of your heritage. Nobody knows how I felt.
To judge me for shutting down my blog there yet coming back because I missed the friends I made there is way beyond childish.
Some people can declare themselves blog gods and hand out judgements left and right and laugh about it...expect everyone to laugh about it, but no one knows how I felt when that happened.
I have one more Happy Birthday post to my brother to put on 360 for him tomorrow but after that I think my long, trashed relationship with 360 has really come to an end. This time I won't say bye. I won't even tell one person, I will simply slip out the door and start my writing somewhere where I feel on blog spot.
I got my ultimate goal of being on 360 and that was to be published someday. Thanks to everyone who gave me the confidence to mail my writing into the paper.


Janet H said...

Wow, Dana. I'm so sorry you won't be around 360, but you're right not to set yourself up for more crap. You have to follow your heart on these things, and the ways our hearts lead us are rarely straight lines. Those paths double back, and circle around, and eventually get us just where we need to be, but maybe not in the way we thought we were going there. Wherever you are, I'll be popping in to comment, since I just can't do without you!

Dorid said...

I used to talk to one of the yahoo employees about this sort of thing. Yahoo is primarily American White and very Right leaning... which in today's society that they have no room in their narrow little minds for people who don't think like they think, believe what they believe, and have their trailers decorated in American Flags and Crosses.

I'm sorry you had to go through this. You know I have a love/hate relationship with 360 anyway, and I've long ago divorced myself from the drama click over there (I think you know what bunch I'm talking about!) but you know it just always seems to be more of the same...

JohnB said...

Forgive the clich├ęs: but their loss is everyone else's is a good thing to have you in this 'neck of the woods'...

Alissa said...

Where ever you can be you, is where you should be, and if that's here, that write on baby, write on. I do like the community feel over there, but right now the community sucks, so we're not really missing much, right?

Missy A said...

It's getting worse it really is, as Dorid says it is "clicky"
If you aren't in the "in" crowd forget it
What really annoys me is that you say something first and one of the "in" crowd does it and its "wow aren't you clever"
Like you I'm pissy at the moment
and I would shut down but the flippin AU 360 teams got me up as a Gold Star thing ...hope I come dead last