Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Finding Nate

I hope to see him again.
He was/is the epitomy of LIFE.
Fast lane or not, he loved life.
If you had the opportunity, to live life the way he did, would you cower?
Would you back away and say "No....I make way too much money for my age...let me go?"
I think not.
Nate lived life like any of us would have...ahould have.
Maybe better, because he always had a joke to tell an a good cheeseburger joint to eat at.
He didn't die. He is not dead. He just don't live life like some of us should anymore.
Instead of looking at him as living in the fast lane, maybe we should all find Nate.
Lord knows we need to.


JohnB said...

You're right of course one deserves what happened to him. My point was the same I believe as life now, because no matter how far-seeing we think we are, tomorrow may never come, or arrive in a way we could never predict...

Never let the future disturb you. You will meet it, if you have to, with the same weapons of reason which today arm you against the present.

-Marcus Aurelius (one of my favorite philosophers)

Alissa said...

My point before was simply maybe he was taking his life for granted, and now he is in a position where he must truly value just being alive. I'm sure he is great, especially to have had such a big impact on you, and I can't say I would have lived my life any different than he did. No need to get defensive darlin'. You are amongst friends.

Dana L said...

sorry guys, this was intoxiblogging at it's best, not that that is an excuse it's just that i had to defend his tribe many times. I had a chance to be jealous and hate them for their money but I defended tham for it. To even other indians, even from my own tribe...and i know I am amongst friends. I think I felt a little of that defensive side come out last night after grilling out and beers with my Uncle Bill. Sorry. I am off to post a new blog, but I will leave this up. ALissa on the previous post I think you know who I was directing it at when I said people need to enjoy life. in fact I am sure you know. Ok off to post a new blog. lol