Wednesday, March 28, 2007


I never really did a blogtrib to Jason. I should have. I have mentioned him many times before. He used to blog on 360 but he couldn't deal with it there. I should have listened to him last year when he bailed.
He is cool as hell. I met him at age 15 when one of my friend tried to set us up. AND HE SAID NO! lol. I didn't really know him, but damn he wounded my ego.
We met again when he came to see my brother and I was 18. We had moved to the city. I was like "He's not home" So Jase said "Well what you doing?" I invited him in and we were inseperable for a few months. We watched movies, on TV and in theaters. We talked football, we talked sports, we argued, we laughed. One time we fell asleep on the couch watching a movie. Oh yeah and we babysat some spoiled Icelandic kid once. Anyway, we were like soulmates. We did everything but go out. We almost kissed once...just once and i got scared.
THEN our significant others moved to the city and after that Jase and I only saw each other in passing.
We had kids.
and more kids.
We worked together for a summer. We joked about getting married in our 30's because though we knew each other's everything and were so comfortable around each other our timing sucked.
We seperated again. For years. We somehow kept in touch.
Then we got each other's emails.
We kept in touch that way. Then i got a blog on 360, we kept in touch that way. He was my first for real commenter when I wished him a Happy Birthday, even though at the time he was not on my friends list.
We still keep in touch.
He's my Jason.
I love him.
We talked on the phone for a couple of hours today.
so we never married, or had no big romance.
Our friendship lasted through so many relationships. many kids (all on his side lol) so many jobs, blog, nights full of laughing. "We" lasted. He is one of my best friends...and you can't write a love story in my life better than that. (At least not until Derek Jeter retires.)


Dorid said...

I never could figure out why the two of you weren't "together"... it seemed pretty natural to me.

He's one of the people I miss on 360, I always tried to find him when he moved blogs... He was a good read when he posted.

Janet H said...

I have had friends like that -- where the timing's never right, or things just never quite get there. It seems strange, but I find that years and years later, we're *still* friends, and then there are those exes I've haven't talked to in forever. Sometimes it's like someone's just too special in your life to get together with. Sounds like Jason is that way for you.

Alissa said...

I had a friend like that. When I was in the 7th grade I figured I'd marry him some day. I haven't seen or heard from him in years but I know he lives in the seattle area. I hope someday I'll see him again, because he always was a great friend of mine, but I'm damn glad I never married him...

Anonymous said...

hey,Dana-Do you remember me from Pierre?I wondered what happened to you...Leona

Dana L said...

Leona...I DO REMEMBER you...leave me your email please!

Dana L said...

everyone else, JAse is TOO special to be with...for real